Follow our step by step guideto design your own plate

upload icon

1. Select a design or Start from scratch

We've got hundreds of designs ready for you to personalise. Simply select a plate design as a starting point.

resize icon

2. Add a photo

If you've selected a design with a photo drop-zone. Simply click and upload directly from your computer!

add text icon

3. Add text

Add a name, add a message. Depending the design you select there will different areas of text for you to change, simply click and type!

preview icon

4. Preview the design

Images locked in, text modified. It's time to take a look at a preview of your design to make sure it's good-to-go. Don't worry if it's not, you can still make changes!

quantity icon

5. Choose quantity

Once you've previewed your design and you're happy to make-a-move simply select the quantity of plates you'd like to buy with your personalised design. All designs are sold in packs of 20.

checkout icon

6. Checkout

Once you've designed all the plates you need, previewed and selected their quantities, hit checkout to review your order and proceed to the secure checkout. You can pay with PayPal, Stripe, or any major credit or debit card.

delivery icon

7. Delivery

You're done, your plates will be sent to our friendly print robot and delivered just as soon as they're ready.

Detailed plate design guidefor icon navigation

layers icon

The layer icon allows you to switch switch between the different elements on a plate design. Especially useful for “Design Your Own” plate when selecting a background colour or background image.

save and load icons

During the process, use the save icon to save the design and you can load it into the viewer again at any time with the upload icon. This saves all the designs in your session. Once you have placed an order you will be able to log into your account, view a saved design, edit if necessary and reorder.

type text icon

To alter the text, click within a text box. There you will see a pop up box Select the icon displayed here and it will enable you to alter your desired text. If you do not require any of the text areas, simply delete the text inside it.

Text area icon

If you wish to change the font, text size or text colour click on the text itself. There you will see a pop up box with all the options you need to alter your text. Click on the options to try them out.

Pic transform box

To edit the image you have uploaded, click into it and the picture transform box will appear. here you can drag the sliders to resize the image.

Magnify icon

When the magnifying glass icon is clicked, you can mouse over the design and see the various elements of your design magnified, just like a real magnifying glass! Click once to activate and click again to deactivate.

Zoom icon

Click the zoom icon and a bar will appear at the bottom of the design. Drag the slider to the right to magnify the design. Drag it back to the left to zoom out. Click the icon again to deactivate.

Reset icon

The reset icon will reset everything to default, so take care! Always make sure you have saved your changes, then you can reload the design in again if you accidentally reset it.